It seems like you see lots of younger women with older men these days – and not just in Hollywood. In fact, there is even a special term created for this type of relationship, the May-December romance. It sounds romantic, but people still tend to look down on these types of couples because their ages tend to differ significantly. So, why are so many younger women attracted to these so-called silver foxes? It turns out there are several different things older men do which make them more attractive when compared to their younger counterparts. Continue reading to learn some of the most common reasons women find older men more attractive.

1. They’re more mature – It’s a scientific fact that women tend to mature earlier then men. That’s why younger men (who are still entering the real world and wanting to try different things before settling down) are just not the right partners for them. Older men are more mature in several different ways: they’re more financially stable, reliable and family oriented. These types of men are also ready for deeper commitments when in a relationship. Why is that? Because older men are more likely to have passed their wild phase and are now ready to settle down.

2. They know how to treat a women – Women appreciate all the relationship experience an older man might have had. With that in mind, it’s no wonder they’ve had plenty of time to develop all of the skills required for treating a women right. The knowledge of what makes love fail or succeed gives older men a bit of an advantage. They understand what women usually need and what makes them happy, while also knowing the types of things to avoid in order to make the relationship succeed. In the end, this makes the relationship much easier on the girl.

3. They’re charismatic – Older guys seem to have a unique attractiveness to them which triggers something inside a women’s body. First, it’s in their appearance. Noble wrinkles around their eyes, salt and pepper hair, light stubble on some of their faces. They also have a unique way of presenting themselves. Women like the way they act, laugh and behave. All of this makes older men stand out in a way college aged men do not.

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4. They stay away from drama – You can’t deny that women are pretty emotional creatures. They can easily exaggerate things and will often act without thinking. That’s exactly why it’s so important they have a man who is able to make them stop and breathe when necessary. As it would appear, older men often tend to have this skill. Older men aren’t usually looking for drama and conflict. Instead, they would prefer not to argue over ordinary problems. Even if there is an issue that arises, older men are more likely to sit down with you, talk it out like adults, and come up with a solution unlike most younger guys.

5. They provide a feeling of security – One thing that younger women love most about older men is the sense of security which they get from them. Believe it or not, security is one of our most basic needs. Feeling secure can come in several different forms, but older men tend to have a bit of an advantage against their younger counterparts in a few (such as being more financially stable).

6. They know what they want – A final viable trait that some women seem to admire is that older men have less mess in their lives, and that means stability. Older guys know exactly what they want, how to get it, and how meaningful it is. Women who have dated older men say they love how older men don’t waste time or play any games. That’s why they have no barriers when it comes to approaching anyone for help or advice when it’s needed.

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